Born in 1992 in Adelaide, Australia, Giacomo Ciufoli remains loyal to his vision of beauty, quality and tradition. An admiration for fine jewellery from a young age sparked a series of events that would take him on an extraordinary journey to the development and creation of his brand in 2017. Preserving his family's Italian heritage, Giacomo brought his unique vision to the heart of Valenza district in the Piedmont region of Italy, where each day his visions are translated into reality by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen, preservers and protectors of the ancient traditions of master jewellers. Their passion breathes life into each exceptional creation, filling it with energy and leaving it with a story to share with the world.


Sourcing inspiration from the world's diversities, each creation is the result of an exhilarating journey between cultures and influences, through nature, well-balanced between history and the future. Each jewel tells a story, a story that shrouds in it the unmistakable allure of uniqueness and extravagance.

The distinctive aesthetics of Giacomo Ciufoli's work are driven by a perpetuating desire to express his imagination. The marriage of experimental designs and a rare and exotic material vocabulary, coupled with the clients unique personal touch, make all of Giacomo Ciufoli's jewels a remarkable study into elegance and innovation.

With his constant desire to reinterpret the world of high jewellery, binding together innovation and tradition, Giacomo Ciufoli aims to launch two collections every year, collections that epitomise the Giacomo Ciufoli mission: To offer men and women the opportunity for personal expression through our universe of high jewellery creations that embody unique savoir-faire, carefully preserved traditions and a dynamic engagement with innovation.