The Creation

Sourcing inspiration from the world's diversities, each creation is the result of an exhilarating journey between cultures and influences, through nature, well-balanced between history and the future. Each creation has its own peculiar story, its own unique process and its own distinct place within the collection.

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Hand Design

This initial design stage ultimately determines the direction of a creation. These very first sketches pave the way to more elaborate drawings which encompass greater depth and finer details, slowly bringing the creation to life. Although an artistic process, It is crucial that each artistic design be accurate and precise in their dimensions in addition to factoring in any technical limitations that may lie ahead.  

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Computer Design

With the detailed sketches complete, the process then moves onto the computer screen where a technical designer creates a three-dimensional model. By utilising the various colours, textures and reflections available, the model begins to take form, allowing the designer to hone in on every detail to ensure a flawless model.

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Bringing physical life to each design is the prototyping stage. Artisans begin this stage by using the three-dimensional computer model to fashion a hard wax prototype of the creation, this is then used to cast the creation in precious metal. Once modifications have been made to the initial prototype, the process is repeated, until the point where each and every detail has been perfected. The final prototype then moves on to be set with precious gems.    

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A process of precision and patience; it is crucial that the jeweller spends a considerable amount of time on this process as to ensure that each gem is set flawlessly in order to minimise the risk of becoming loose. Various gemsetting techniques, from pavé setting, channel setting and pressure setting, ensure that precious gems light up each exceptional creation in it's own unique way.   

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The Clasp

The bracelet clasp, with it's perfectly balanced design honed from fine 18-carat gold or pure silver and decorated with iridescent precious gems, serves impressive functionality and security. The successor of five prototypes, acquires it's name “Numero Sei” or “Number Six”, symbolised by the six precious gems handset along the centre of the clasp. 

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Through years of experience, an artisan jeweller develops polishing techniques that magically unlock the beautiful lustre of a precious metal. The polishing process begins by ridding the piece of any obvious imperfections. The use of buffing wheels lathered with abrasive compounds are then used to shape and correctly contour surfaces before the jewel enters it's final stage, where the use of a finer polishing medium reveals the metals brilliant shine.

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As each set of decorated components is completed, they progress to the assembly workshop to undergo the painstaking process of being precisely fixed into place through the use of ultra-fine screws; this union rapidly reveals the magnificent glory of each creation. 

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Quality Control

Integrity guides our pursuit of ensuring that only a completely flawless jewel leaves the workshop. The jewels, being made entirely by hand, are continuously assessed by the artisans as they proceed through each stage of manufacturing, subsequently reducing the potential for any flaws reaching the final quality control inspection; a process of visually inspecting each creation with an eye loupe, allowing the jeweller to identify any physical or functional flaws.  

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Creativity and an extraordinary attention to detail extends well beyond the jewellery creations. It is essential that the packaging that houses each exceptional creation be equally as special, both in appearance, and physical touch. The choice of material for this element is carbon fibre.