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Through the production of each collection our mission remains the same, to offer men and women the opportunity for personal expression through the creation of something that not only surprises, but inspires; inspires the wearer to express their own inner creativity.




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By designing and creating jewels that are specific to the individual's aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle requirements, each bespoke creation is truly unique and exclusive to its wearer.

Each bespoke order is developed through a series of personal consultations with the client;
From concept and design through to personalisation and material selection. GIACOMO CIUFOLI is continuously developing its extensive range of precious metal finishes, 
precious stones, and exotic leathers, ensuring that the most refined and distinctive materials are available to the client.

GIACOMO CIUFOLI's process of individual consultation and personal design ensures complete exclusivity and a consummate bespoke experience.


For bespoke inquiries please email